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TC45 - Office Open XML Formats

Scope - Programme of work

Implementation examples of ECMA-376 (OOXML)

MacBook Pro (QuickTime format - size: 126'358'630 bytes)

SUSE Linux (Windows Media Video format - size: 11'958'197 bytes)

Windows Vista (QuickTime format - size: 114'645'171 bytes)

iPhone (QuickTime format - size: 50'343'027 bytes)

Palm Treo - Palm OS (Windows Media Video format - size: 7'513'487 bytes)

Nokia E61i - Symbian OS (Windows Media Video format - size: 47'795'549 bytes)

Windows Office 2007 (Windows Media Video format - size: 4'544'531 bytes)

Windows Open Office (Windows Media Video format - size: 2'499'899 bytes)

Samsung - Windows Mobile 6 (AVI Video format - size: 81'625'336 bytes

Note: The download of some of these files may take a long time because of their size


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